What should you expect when you work with a recruiter to find a new job?

Moving jobs is a big deal. It’s up there with moving house on the list of things that we need to do, but don’t necessarily enjoy.

That’s why I like to make it as easy as possible for you.

I won’t ask you for a cover letter… I won’t even ask for your CV before we’ve had a chat.

We’ll have an initial conversation and you’ll probably ask me where I’m based and I’ll say “Belfast, but I’m originally from Yorkshire”. You’ll say “my mate Susan lives in Manchester” and I’ll say “that’s nice, but it’s not Yorkshire”.

The next step usually involves us meeting up for a proper chat. I’ll buy you a coffee from Clements / Established Coffee (other coffee shops are available) and I’ll ask you lots of questions.

Once we’ve decided that I have a suitable job, we’ll come up with a plan for you.

We’ll make sure that you CV is as good as it can be, I’ll speak to the company and tell them about you and then send it onto the decision maker. Once I get feedback, we’ll usually schedule an initial informal interview with the company. (most of the interviews that my clients do are informal chats over coffee, much like the meeting that you’ll have with me)

I’ll explain what the company is expecting and looking for and I’ll advise you to “ask them anything that you like because you’re interviewing them too”.

Once you’re out of your interview, you’ll call me and let me know how you feel it went.

I’ll then call the company and get their initial feedback.

Whatever the feedback is, I’ll make sure that it’s constructive.

75% of the time, if you get to the interview stage through me, you’ll receive an offer. From this point we can either accept, negotiate or decline the offer.

I’ll support you to hand your notice in to your current employer, agree an end date and a start date with your new company.

You’ll then get asked to rate the service that I provided on Feefo reviews.

I’ll then follow up with you & your new employer after your first week to make sure everything is going well.

I only work with the top 10% of companies. I’m talking about the ones where people enjoy working there, ones where you’ll get a chance to develop your career, contractors that pay their subbies on time, consultancies that don’t act like they are doing the world a favour by having job vacancies.

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